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This is the Final episode in Bio Labs 4 Saga. Finally, the secret entry to Wolfchev's Lab has been found by the brave adventurers of Rune-Midgard who have followed these screams deep into the Biolabs - past even the heavily-guarded northern side! Adventurers will find inside Wolfchev's Lab cunning tricks and devious traps set up by Wolfchev himself to deter any such incursions. Adventurers will need the help of at least three other friends to open those heavy, steel doors - and they should be wise to heed such words! Because who knows what will await them at the end... Maybe even Wolfchev himself?


  • Start by heading to Biolabs F4. Make your way to the North of the map and you will see the closed entrance of Wolfchev's Laboratory with several "Danger" Signs around it (Located at 148, 276). Speak to the "Suspicious Entrance" to initiate the quest.

The quest is divided by 4 rooms. You need to complete certain requirements in order to proceed.

1) The first room requires you to 'guess' the password for the second room by clicking on Barrels, Turbine and Chemicals around the room. (Hint: Remember the bio4 mobs' hair colour!). The password will be the name of Wolfchev's unlucky experiment.

2) Once you are able to pass the first door, there will be an NPC of a random Bio3 mob standing at the center. The NPC asks you for help; and you, the cruel person you are, have to mix a concoction to kill him. Pick up the Ash left by the NPC and you should be able to go through the second door.

3) In the third room, you will be surrounded by 4 valves. The first 4 names in the party tab has to go the valves with their names on it and try to stop the steam. Failure to do so will spawn a random Bio3 MvPs. Multiple failures will result in death and pain by the hands of Bio4 MvPs. Once all valves are properly set in place, you can enter the final room.

4) Talk to Wolfchev in the middle of the room, and he will summon a powerful MvP; Bijou. It is recommended that you have a Professor as tank as you need the Land Protector, Sense (when Bijou switches element) and Dispell. Be sure to have all status resists for all party members if you do not wish to be stuck on a constant stone curse, sleep or stun.

5) A treasure chest will spawn in the middle of the room once Bijou is defeated. Good luck!

The instance lasts for 45 minutes

The types of rewards upon completion in this quest include:

Required Items