Wink of Charm

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This skill's information has been altered on one of the servers.
Please see the "Other" section listed in the table shown below to read details about this change.
File:Wink of Charm.png Wink of Charm Skill Info
File:Wink of Charm Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 40
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cast Delay: 2 sec
Duration: 10 sec
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Element: None
Catalyst: None

Skill Description

Charm a target by sending them a sexy wink. For those 10 seconds, the target monster will not attack you. The higher your level is when compared to the monster, the higher the chance of this skill working.

If this skill is used on a player, it has low chance of causing the 'Confusion' status ailment. This skill only works on DemiHuman, Angel and Demon type monsters and, obviously, does not work against Boss monsters.

Other Notes

Can be learned from Dancer Skill Quest or from the Platinum Skills NPC.


  • Increased chance of Confusion status from .7% to 7%.


UpgradeEffectObtain via
Charming KissThis skill will now Charm players, at the cost of an increased cooldown on the skill to equal that of the duration of Charm. Charmed players will not be able to attack you, and you will be immune to their skills, traps, etc. as well.Night Sparrow Hat (Loki)

Obtained Via

Dancer  · Gypsy
2nd Class
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