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Rachel needs your help! The evil porings are planning to dominate the world with their squishy blobbyness!

Her kitten Rupert got beaten up by an angry poring while they were walking in the Sograt Desert. She is concerned that some of them have gone mischevious. The Pernicious Poring, the one who attacked Rupert demanded bribe in exchange of some useful information. One of the most powerful Earlings begun plans to take over the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard and has taken control over an army of porings. Rachel and her cat were close to discovering the evil plans of the Earlings so the Pernicious Poring attacked her.

Help Rachel fight the evil Earling and get a free blobby hat to go on top of your head.


  • Warp to Prontera. Head to the left side of the Prontera's central area and talk to Rachel (Located at 128, 196).
  • Go to Poring Island by taking the southern exit of Prontera and head 2 maps south, and 1 map east. You should arrive at the Sograt Desert.
  • Look for the Pernicious Poring (Located at 349, 336) at a tiny islet on the upper-right portion of the map. He will ask for a bribe in return of some information.
  • Give him 100,000 zeny so he'll tell you about the plot of the Earling.
  • Go back to Rachel and agree to help her fight.
  • Head back to Poring Island and make your way to the center. There is a Tree (Located at 195,181) that will allow you to enter the Poring Hideout and fight the Earling.
  • Talk to that Tree and just cancel the chatbox if your party is not ready; Everyone in the party needs to talk to the tree at least once. (Make Sure you do this or you won't get your Hat)
  • Wait until your whole party is gathered and no one is inside the arena. If someone is inside, the tree will tell you what party

is there. When you enter the arena, you will face the Earling.

  • There are multiple rounds for the fight:
    • Round 1 - Defeat the Earling
    • Round 2 - Defeat his mobs first, then the Earling.
    • Round 3 - Defeat the Earling again.
  • Upon completion, return to Rachel and she will give you your Pouring Hat.

Required Items

  • 100,000 Zeny


A Pouring Hat to go on top of your head! You will be able to continue and do the Pouring Blood Quest if you successfully finish this quest.





  • No Premium Items are allowed in the arena when you are fighting.
  • For each party member in the party, there would be multiple rounds which means, if you have 2 party members in the party, you will have to fight the 2 waves of minions.
  • In Round 3, the Earling is much stronger than before so be prepared!

For tips and advice on how to beat the mission, see: Pouring Rain Quest Tips.

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