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The biggest Poring War is upon us!

Collect all the items needed to travel to Itty Bitty Poring City while defeating a wave of the remaining Poring Army.


  • Warp to Prontera. Head to the left side of the Prontera's central area and talk to Rachel (Located at 128, 196).
  • She will tell you to get more information from the Gossipy Ghostring at Gonryun (Located at 169,33).
  • He will then inform you of the biggest Poring War ever in the Poring Capital.
  • Go back and talk to Rachel again.
  • She will tell you to talk to the Pernicious Poring once again.
  • The Pernicious Poring will tell you to head back to the same Tree (Located at 195,181) and fight the army of Porings.
  • When you have collected all 3 items for every party member, speak again to Pernicious Poring then head to Comodo and walk South. On the dock, give the 'Scavenger Soup' to the Starving Sapling (Located at 205, 69) and choose your reward.

Required Items




You can choose either a Poporing Ring or a PoRing. You can also now travel to the Itty Bitty Poring City and do the Pouring Oil Quest.


Warning: You need three items (these will not show up in your inventory however) for each of your party members. Also, the mobs inside the arena spawn exponentially. This means killing mobs will result in a lot more spawned. So be careful when deciding on a party.

  • The fight will end when you have collected all of the items needed.

For tips and advice on how to beat the mission, see: Pouring Hope Quest Tips

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