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Rachel's mother, Adeline overheard rumours about the Earling's brother. A Gossipy Ghostring from Gonryun told her that Earling's brother is teaming up with some unlikely characters now that he's defeated. Something important would be coming soon but no further information about it was released.

Apparently, many of the porings still don't trust humans. Devious Dukering, the late Earling's brother is teaming up with Enigmatic Angeling and Erratic Archangeling. No one knows what they are up to this time but it is someting big and quite bad!

Help Adeline defeat the trio without telling Rachel before they make Prontera into Prontering!


  • Warp to Prontera.
  • Talk to Rachel (Located at 128, 196) and follow her instructions and directions.
  • Talk to her mom, Adeline who's hanging out near the south gate of Prontera (Located at 162, 27).
  • Talk to the Gossipy Ghostring at the southmost part of the Gonryun town map (Located at 169, 33).
  • Go back to Adeline. She will ask for you help.
  • Go back to the Poring Island and enter the Poring Hideout via the same Tree (Located at 195,181).
  • Fight the Devious Dukering, Enigmatic Angeling and Erratic Archangeling and defeat them.
  • Go back to Adeline to claim your rewards.

Required Items




From Left to Right: Angeling Hat, Deviling Hat, Archangeling Hat.

Once you have finished the quest, you can now continue and do the Pouring Hope Quest.
You can exchange the hats through the Exchangering after finishing the Pouring Oil Quest. It charges 2,000,000 Zeny per hat exchange.


Here's some "pro-tips" to aid your fight:

  • No Premium Equipment allowed in the arena. Use Yggdrasil Berries to heal.
  • It will be useful to have a Priest or two, and lots of Yggdrasil Leaves in your party.
  • You can use as many party members as you like.

For tips and advice on how to beat the mission, see: Pouring Blood Quest Tips

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