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There are NPCs that allow you to PM them. By PM'ing them it's similar to clicking on them, however without having to actually walk to where they are. This is a major convenience for most people. Not all NPCs accept PMs, but below is a list of which NPCs you can PM, as well as what you need to PM them to work properly.

Note: To send a PM to an NPC, you must first type "NPC:" followed by the NPC name in the PM box. If the NPC was named Bob, it would be "NPC:Bob". These names are case sensitive so make sure you spell it exactly as written.

NPC Name What to type What it does


Anything Informs you of any planned events scheduled to happen in the next week or two. The NPC names correspond to Eir, Loki, and Thor respectively.
NPC:Report Player Name and Description Informs the GMs of a player breaking the rules. You must include both the player name and what rule they are breaking.
NPC:RDC Anything Lets you know how many Operations Tickets you have as well as when they will refresh.
NPC:Nobby the Novice Anything Lets you know how long you have left until you can enter the Kraken's Lair instance.
NPC:FluffyTimer Anything Lets you know if you are able to fight Fluffy again.
NPC:Dyna See: Dynas See: Dynas.
NPC:Marvin Anything Displays which item Marvin is looking for and for how many points. Also displays your current Cedi balance.
NPC:Autotrade Anything Allows you, if you own an Autotrade Coupon, to enter Autotrade mode while vending.
NPC:VIP "magic" , "status" , "enter" , or "Dyna" For full description of these commands, see VIP Subscription.
NPC:Kafra "city" Gives you the warp options.
NPC:PW Anything Warps you in exchange for one Pancake.
NPC:Monster of the Day Anything Lets you know what is the Monster of the Day.