Naruto Expansion

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The Naruto Expansion is finally here! Amazing~ To head over there talk to the warpra/kafra and warp to Konoha (Should be at the bottom of the list). Once there find Minato (konoha3 197,233) at the Hokage tower and get your mission scrolls.

After that you have to find Naruto (konoha3 196,117) so you can go on a mission with him. Your mission scrolls will renew every week (a week from when you obtain them, similar to rdc). NOTE that you have to be in party of 3-5 people!.

You can view some items available by speaking to Sasuke, whos conveniently near Naruto. Each quest holds its own special type of costume you can get from it, all are tradeable so if you want to share them with a friend or sell them, you can do so.