Mist Slash

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This skill's information has been altered on one of the servers.
Please see the "Other" section listed in the table shown below to read details about this change.
Mist Slash.png Mist Slash Skill Info
File:Mist Slash Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 8 + 2*SkillLV
Cast Time: Instant
Cast Delay: 1 sec
Duration: None
Target: Enemy
Range: Melee
Element: None
Catalyst: None
Shadow Jump (Lv1)

Skill Description

Attack an enemy with (100+10*SkillLV)% ATK and hide you afterwards. This hiding is the same as the Thief skill Hiding, consuming the same SP and has the same durration. If you miss the target, you will not be put into hiding.

Damage (%) 110120130140150160170180190200
SP Cost 10121416182022242628

Other Notes


  • The attack modifier has been increased to 100 + skill level*25
    Damage (%) 125150175200225250275300325350
    SP Cost 10121416182022242628



    Obtained Via