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From the Maintenance Notes:

Loki Mini-Maintenance 12/06/2016

  • [Added] Updated navigation files! This means the navigation system in game is updated with all our custom maps, mobs and NPCs.
    • Please bear in mind, however, that the navigation between custom maps might be a bit wonky and/or broken, as it does not account for quest-blocked warps and NPCs. For example, navigation around the Faroe Islands will work, but it will not lead you into Glastheim proper.
  • [Added] Spread Attack will now show an effect on those who are hit by it.
  • [Added] Several new premium headgears. Please read below for more details.
  • [Added] The Heroic Backpack has been added to the Cashshop and Eden Group.
    • Taken as an idea from Thor, we will be offering the Heroic Backpack as an option to purchase from both the Cashshop and Eden Group. It will cost 300 Points, or 250 Pieces of Paradise.
    • It is a brand new type of item on Loki, in that it is a garment with a sprite!
    • Please use @id 2576 to check its description.
  • [Changed] Spread Attack's range has been reduced by 2 and its splash at max level has been reduced to 7x7.
  • [Changed] Full Buster's after-cast delay has been increased by .2 seconds at each level.
  • [Changed] Increased stats on Strongman Hair Red and White by 5, to 25.
  • [Changed] Lunatic's Lullaby will grant immunity to Sleep.
  • [Changed] Slaves inside Guild Dungeons will no longer drop loot. This does not apply to the Halls of Abyss.
  • [Changed] The Shield Antique is now considered as a shield for skills.
  • [Fixed] A whole bunch of premium headgear scripts that were not matching up with their description (or vice versa). Please inform us if anything appears off.
  • [Fixed] Fixed Skull Cap not giving proper Dark elemental resistance.
  • [Fixed] Drooping Metal Dragon actually has an effect now.
  • [Fixed] The Dark Blinker costume is now correctly a mid costume.
  • [Fixed] Baby Dragon and Bandit eggs were mixed up; this has been corrected.
  • [Fixed] Jagged Arrows are really equippable now.
  • [Fixed] Doram weapons are now considered as weapons.
  • [Removed] The Zeny -> Limited Premium Points function for VIPs has been removed.
  • [Removed / Temporarily!] We've removed Catnip Meteor for a time, until we can get it fixed. Please do continue to use Dorams though and give us feedback!

We have overhauled and re-structured the cashshop! Henceforth, we will no longer be offering headgears as direct-to-buy.

We have found this method is completely out-dated and out-of-touch with the current player base and trends in gaming general - not to mention asking €20 for a single headgear is quite immense. Looking over our huge catalogue of headgears that span 27 pages in the cashshop caused people to have nose-bleeds over costs and cry at the amount of choice, both in equal measure! Therefore, we decided it was time to do something new and drastic to sort out this behemoth of a problem.

How did you do that?
Well we looked at what we had to work with (by my count, roughly 300 headgears) and also at the complaints about the current state of the cashshop and donating in general. We came across a few consistent points:

  1. There is too much choice in sprites.
  2. There are - seemingly - too many effects, mainly because of the lay-out of the shop.
  3. They are too expensive.

So we decided to address these points and came across a - what we think is, anyway - pretty good solution to these problems.

Tell us already!
From here on out, you will now be able to buy Lucky Boxes from the cashshop. Lucky Boxes come in different flavours (talked about later) that, when opened, will give you a random headgear in that category. Don't fear, this headgear is permanent and is not a rental! The boxes vary in cost, dependent on the flavour, but the highest value box is 950 points for the old 2,000 points headgears. This means a huge 66.666% permanent reduction in prices for some of the highest priced items in the cashshop!

What are these flavours you're talking about?
Instead of lumping every headgear we had into one huge box and saying "there you go!", we've split them up into flavours that allow you to pick the best box for you. These include things like the "30 Stat Lucky Box", that includes all +30 stat headgears, the "PvP Lucky Box", that includes all the PvP helm headgears, and the "Lower Lucky Box", that includes all the lower headgears. There are more flavours than just this, which you can find in the cashshop upon logging in.

Wait, but what if I don't get what I want?
Fear not! We've taken this into consideration - along with point 1 from above - and will allow you to trade in any unwanted headgears from these Lucky Boxes and get another one back! All you need is two of the unwanted headgears (don't worry, they will go to good homes!) and 75 points and you'll be given a new box to open. The headgears will have to all be from the same flavour box, though, bear in mind.

How do I know you're not scamming me!
Each box's description will tell you to @id it for a Wiki link that will provide you a full list of contents for that box; if you're spending money with us, we want to be wholly transparent as to what you can get with that money.

What's the chances that I get what I want?
By splitting the boxes up into flavours, we've increased your chances of getting the headgear you want. Even if you do not, the likelihood you'll get something of comparable worth, value and power is almost guaranteed. That said, sometimes you'll just really want that one headgear, so in order to be transparent, I will explain the method of how a headgear is chosen. Instead of us defining a headgear's chance to drop - say like 10% - a list is generated of all the headgears in the box. Simply, a headgear is chosen out of this list and is given to you. We may specify how often a headgear appears in that list and thus is more likely to be chosen. The highest amount a single headgear will be repeated in this list is five, the lowest is once.

I think you're just being greedy!
You may think so, but we're really not! In this day and age, we are looking to broaden our appeal to as many people as we can, and for some people, the huge price barrier into end game was just too large. This new way, at least, people now can get into end game much easier and cheaper due to the the fact that donation headgears are now a massive 2/3 off! Those who are worried about style, though, can certainly do so, and may trade in any extra headgears you want for more boxes. We feel it would have been completely unfair to just burden you with any unwanted items - almost as if they were mocking you for not being what you wanted!

Also, some footnotes:
We will be allowing anyone to trade in any of their old headgears for boxes regardless of date purchased. This means even if they were purchased before 2009 (when the premium item exchange coupon starts working), so long as you have a few of them lying around and some points to spend, you can get a box for the chance to get some sweet new headgears.
With this in mind, we will be slowly removing availability and then functionality of the exchange coupons, as their purpose will no longer be necessary. Everything will remain as is for roughly one month after this implementation (i.e. until the next big maintenance), after which we will start to slowly scale back the availability of exchange coupons before completely removing them. Finally we will remove the option to use them. We will be letting you know before any of this happens with a series of forums announcements.
Due to possible exploit issues, the Event Lucky Box will be exempt from the trade-in offer that the rest of the Lucky Boxes have. For this reason, the price of the Event Lucky Box will be lower than the rest.

What are the new headgears?
We've added quite a few new headgears that appear in the new boxes:

  • Guardian PoRings - Appears in the Mid Lucky Box - @id 47251
  • Grim Reaper's Protection - Appears in the Mid Lucky Box - @id 47252
  • Gravekeeper Blinker - Appears in the Mid Lucky Box - @id 47253
  • 10 Type Glasses - Appears in the Mid Lucky Box - @id 47254
  • Blue Ears - Appears in the Mid Lucky Box - @id 47255
  • Big Bad Pirate - Appears in the Range PvP Lucky Box - Standard Ranged-based PvP helm
  • SteamPUNK - Appears in the Range Lucky Box - Standard Ranged-based PvP helm.
  • Drooping Dorasuke - Appears in the Range Lucky Box - Standard Ranged-based PvP helm.
  • Protection Helmet - Appears in the Melee PvP Lucky Box - Standard Melee-based PvP helm.
  • Owlduke Silk Hat - Appears in the Magic PvP Lucky box - Standard Magic-based PvP helm.
  • Seppl Hat - Appears in the Magic PvP Lucky box - Standard Magic-based PvP helm.
  • Angel Mini Silk Hat - Appears in the Magic PvP Lucky box - Standard Magic-based PvP helm.
  • Ordinary Black Mage Hat - Appears in the Magic PvP Lucky box - Standard Magic-based PvP helm.
  • All previous limited edition headgears will appear in their respective Boxes.
  • As an extra note, the Event Lucky Box will also drop limited seasonal donates (e.g. Rabbit Knithat, Spring Bonnet, Rose Ring, etc.); a full list can be found in the description of this Lucky Box.

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