Maintenance 2013-12-10

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From the Maintenance Notes:

All Servers

  • [Changed] New IP address (yes, again).


  • [New] A "Concierge" NPC has been added to the RDC / Cedi / Other quest areas. This NPC will allow you to buy items (not sell), heal, or repair your equipment. Do note though, that the price for repairing equipment is increased by 50% for the convenience. It will cost 7,500 Zeny for each equipment instead of the normal 5,000. Locations include:
    • Ancient Tapestry / Watery Lair / Beacon
    • RDC
    • Pouring Rain/Blood
  • [Fixed] TimTom checks the weight to make sure you can carry nectars / bca before you turn in samples.
  • [Fixed] The Conjurer should work properly now, not being repeatable...
  • [Fixed] The damage from Axe Kick when using Kontei has been fixed. It previously was double what it should be.
  • [Changed] With the recent map index fix, some Star Gladiator Feeling maps have been changed. For people who have encountered this issue so far, they have been reset. At this point, if you encounter that issue, you will need to speak to the Star Gladiator NPC in prontera near the Reset Girl to reset your feelings and then set them again.
  • [Changed] RDC officer / Equipment officer had their looks changed. They are not triplets anymore ;(
  • [Removed] The Donation Redemption NPC (From when donates could be purchased on the website) has been removed.
  • [Removed] The Independence Day event / Halloween exchange NPCs have been removed.


  • [Changed] Healer Bonus added for completing Monster of the Day.
    • Cost of heal is reduced from 6,000 to 3,000 zeny.
    • Level 10 Blessing is granted in addition to Level 10 Increase Agility.
    • The duration of these two buffs is increase from 4 minutes to 8 minutes.
    • These bonuses do not apply during WoE.
  • [Fixed] Golden and Silver Tiaras are now tradeable.
  • [Fixed] Rewards from the Christmas Event have been made account bound.