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EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE! This page outlines a new/experimental feature of RebirthRO and is subject to change without notice.


The MVP Token System is part of the Conquest Expansion. The MVP Token system allows the spawning of selected MVPs in exchange for MVP Tokens. Each MVP has a set cost in tokens. The areas are instanced and can be set to be completely private for a party. It is similar to the VIP Token system, but will not accept Bloody Branches and MVPs cost more than 1 token to summon.

MVP Tokens

MVP Tokens are dropped by low chance from any monster which gives the player Conquest Points. The higher the monsters level, the better the chance of obtaining a token. Tokens can be used within the Burning Room to spawn monsters.

Using Tokens

To use MVP Tokens you must visit the NPC Conquest Assistant (yuno 169,191). He will warp you (and any party members) to an instanced area called the Burning Room where you can spawn MVPs. When in a party, the first person to talk to the NPC must have tokens. Once they enter, anyone in the party can enter the instance even if they do not have tokens.

Burning Room


The Burning Room is where all the action takes place. There are two main NPC's. A Vortex NPC will spawn MVPs and a Manager NPC will allow you to extend the time of the instance. In addition, everyone in the room is ressed/full healed every 10 seconds.

The list of MVPs is currently limited to those in the MVP Arena and spawned from Bloody Branches. This list will be expanded in the near future to include more MVPs and to eventually include exclusive custom conquest MVPs.

  • Amon Ra [7]
  • Atros [3]
  • Baphomet [1]
  • Beelzebub [10]
  • Dark Lord [1]
  • Detale [15]
  • Doppelganger [1]
  • Dracula [3]
  • Drake [1]
  • Eddga [1]
  • Egnigem Cenia [30]
  • Evil Snake Lord [15]
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram [15]
  • Garm [5]
  • Gloom Under Night [50]
  • Golden Thief Bug [50]
  • Gopinich [3]
  • Ifrit [30]
  • Incantation Samurai [1]
  • Kiel D-01 [25]
  • Ktullanux [5]
  • Lady Tanee [2]
  • Lord of Death [1]
  • Maya [1]
  • Mistress [1]
  • Moonlight [1]
  • Orc Hero [1]
  • Orc Lord [1]
  • Osiris [1]
  • Pharoh [1]
  • Phreeoni [1]
  • RSX-0806 [10]
  • Stormy Knight [15]
  • Tao Gunka [30]
  • Thanatos [30]
  • Turtle General [1]
  • Valkyrie Randgris [30]
  • Vesper [20]
  • White Lady [25]