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This skill's information has been altered on one of the servers.
Please see the "Other" section listed in the table shown below to read details about this change.
File:Kaite.png Kaite Skill Info
File:Kaite Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 7
SP Cost: 70
Cast Time: 6.5 - (0.5 * SkillLV) sec
Cast Delay: None
Duration: 60*SkillLV sec, 600 sec for LV 7
Target: Player
Range: 9 cells
Element: None
Catalyst: None
Wizard Spirit (Lv1)

Skill Description

Reflects all offensive magic and Heal back to the caster. It does not reflect status skills (those that make no damage) like Stone Curse.
LV 1-4 reflect once, LV 5-7 reflect twice before disappearing. If the Heal skill used on you gets reflected, the amount of healing done to the caster will be reduced. Will not reflect spells from Boss monsters and monsters above LV 80.
Can only be used on yourself, your spouse, children or other Soul Linkers; if used on someone else, the caster will be stunned for 0.5 sec (not reduced by VIT).

Cast Time (sec)
Reflect # 1111222
Duration (min) 12345610

Other Notes


  • Increased number of reflects. LV 5-7 reflect 3, instead of 2.



Obtained Via