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Monster Races

Monster Races are a big part of the Hugel experience. The races take place every 10 minutes, and players are allowed to place bets on which monster they think will cross the finish line first. Players can buy a 7514.gif Monster Ticket for 2,000z per event, with the events alternating between singles and doubles.

In singles, players are given the ability to bet on which one will be first monster to cross the finish line. In doubles, players bet on which two monsters will be first to cross (the order they finish doesn't matter). Winners of the singles are given 7515.gif 4 Prize Medals, and winners of the doubles are given 7515.gif 15 Prize Medals. Because the chance of winning singles is 1 out of 6, while the chance of winning doubles is 1 out of 15, the doubles race gives a better return, in the long term.

Monster Races take the form of a race between 6 different monsters, Poring, Lunatic, Savage Babe, Baby Desert Wolf, Deviruchi, and Baphomet Jr. Each monster moves at roughly the same speed, and while they aren't all that fast, eventually stumble their way to the finish line.

It's not all up to luck however. Along their lanes there are hidden obstacles that can stun and sleep the racers. Before the races begin, players can check up on some estimated statistics of their Endurance and Fortune before they place bets. Monsters with high endurance or fortune will be less likely to be effected by these obstacles. However, this does not necessarily mean that they will finish first, because the racers use the same movement AI as a normal monster, and thus frequently move backwards. It has been the consensus among players who play the monster races that the stats of the monster have little effect on the results of the race.

30 seconds before the races begin, the doors close and no more bets will be taken. During the races, players will be completely unable to use any skills or items. Once a winner is announced, participants and observers be asked to make their way to the exit, and winners can cash in their ticket with the receptionist on the way out. If someone doesn't leave shortly after the races end, they will be warped out and unable to claim the reward should they be entitled to one.


5 people can play at a time, though there is an option to spectate.

The rules are pretty simple, and pretty similar to the Bingo most people probably already know. When beginning, players are warped on to one of 5 platforms. Players are given a card with a 5x5 grid, on which they must place the numbers 1 to 25 (without repeats). If a player takes too long, they will be out!

Once all the contestants have their cards fill out, the game begins. The announcer will begin calling out numbers one by one. Each time, it'll bring up players' cards to show what they have currently marked. When 5 in a row are called out, that's one bingo. In order to win, players need to have 5 bingos. Once someone has 5, they are given a chance to yell "Bingo!". If they're too slow, or misstype, he'll call another number and they will have to give it another shot. Remember that if more than one person has 5 rows, victory goes to the first one to call "Bingo!".

Once the match is complete, the winner is given 7515.gif 1 Prize Medal. However, should anyone have a bingo within the first 15 numbers called, they are given 7515.gif 50 Prize Medals.


By winning in various Minigames in Hugel, 7515.gif Prize Medals are given as a reward.

These medals have no weight, and cannot be sold, vended, stored, or transferred in any way. They can be saved up, and traded in for various items or rewards. The following are items which can be traded for:

There is also a man named Ei'felle in the Einbroch Factory (Located at 179, 90 in Einbroch) which can be talked to to exchange medals. The items he gives are as follows:

  • Dagger
  • One-Handed Sword
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • Axe
  • Mace
  • Spear
  • Bow
  • Staff
  • Book
  • Katar
  • Knuckle
  • Whip
  • Instrument

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