Golden Hole

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Nobby the Novice: The Golden Hole Adventure! This instance will see you help hapless Nobby the Novice in his continuing search for riches and fame!


  • Start by heading to Kamidal Tunnel. Make your way to the center of the map and you will see Nobby the Novice (Located at 258, 113). Speak to Nobby to initiate the quest.
  • Earth immunity is highly recommended for this quest. The mobs also cast Quagmire (which you can counter with Golden Thiefbug card) and Stone Curse (2 Gemini-s58 cards will help you a lot).
  • There are 5 keys you can collect to unlock the treasure by the end of the quest. Pay attention to what Nobby's saying!
    • One of the keys requires you to collect mushrooms and talk to a Sapha NPC. However, you need to equip Ring of the Ancient Wise King to be able to converse with the NPC.
  • Collect 4 Crystals scattered around the area to proceed.
    • Only Nobby can pull the crystals out for you. Make sure to bring him along.

The types of rewards in this quest include:

Required Items