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Throughout the day, at any given moment, a GM can host an event or there could be an event that automatically happens on the server. If a player wins the event, they can earn Event Points. These event points can be spent at the Event Point Redemption NPC on their given server. By spending these points, players can purchase special items, headgears, and more. For a list of what items are available for your server, please see below.

Scratch and Win

You may also have a small chance to win event points at the Event Point Lottery NPC. At the NPC, you may buy scratch and win tickets for:

  • Loki: 1,000,000 Zeny

The tickets have 3 types of scratch offs names: Blank, Event Point, Old Card Album. After the purchase of 1 or more tickets it will start scratching them off. If you match 3 of the "Old Card Album" words, you win an old card album. If you match 3 of the "Event Point" words, you win 1 Event Point. If you have any mix or 3 blanks, you win nothing and it either ends or starts scratching the next ticket.

Most of the items are tradable, however the falcon and merchant clips are character bound, and the scrolls are account bound.

Items Available