Elite Archer Suit

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This item's information has been altered on one of the servers.
Please see the "Changes" section listed below to read details about this change.
Elite Archer Suit
ID: 2381
Tradable: No
Storage-able: No
Vendable: No
Slots: 1
Defence: 3
Equipped On: Armor
Equippable By: Archer Class
Required Level: 80

Item Description

If you desire to become an accurate and efficient warrior in the battle, it might help. It brings multiple effects when compounded as a set.

  • Max HP + 150
  • MDEF + 2
  • Reduces damage from Demihuman monster by 2%.

I One-Hand Quicken.png
Set Bonus: Combat Boots, Commander's Manteau, Elite Archer Suit
  • DEX + 3
  • Max HP + 12%
  • Reduces ranged damage by 10%.
  • Decreases cast delay of all skills by 25%.
  • Increases damage recieved from all Non-Demihuman monster by 3 times.

Changes Made To This Item


  • Armors have been made unbreakable
  • If full set is equipped:
    • Each refine on the armor increases damage/magic damage on Demi-Human by 1%.

How To Obtain This Item




This item is not available on Thor.


Eir / Tyr:
  • { bonus bMaxHP,150; bonus bMdef,2; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_DemiHuman,2; if (isequipped(2539,2436)) { bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonDemiHuman,-300; bonus bDex,3; bonus bMaxHPRate,12; bonus bLongAtkDef,10; bonus bDelayRate,-25; }; },{},{}


  • Unknown