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EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE! This page outlines a new/experimental feature of RebirthRO and is subject to change without notice.


The Conquest System is part of the Conquest expansion in which guilds lay claim to territory. The world map has been divided up into regions and each region can be controlled. Guilds fight for control over territory by defeating monsters within that territory. Guilds which control territory are then given benefits for as long as they retain control.



There are 14 conquest regions. Each region consists of at least a city/town, a set of fields and 1 dungeon. Some regions have multiple cities and dungeons.

Prontera: prontera, izlude, prt_fild00, prt_fild01, prt_fild02, prt_fild03, prt_fild04, prt_fild05, prt_fild06, prt_fild07, prt_fild08, prt_fild09, prt_fild10, prt_fild11, prt_maze01, prt_maze02, prt_maze03, prt_monk, prt_sewb1, prt_sewb2, prt_sewb3, prt_sewb4

Payon: payon, alberta, pay_dun00, pay_dun01, pay_dun02, pay_dun03, pay_dun04, pay_fild01, pay_fild02, pay_fild03, pay_fild04, pay_fild05, pay_fild06, pay_fild07, pay_fild08, pay_fild09, pay_fild10, pay_fild11, tur_dun01, tur_dun02, tur_dun03, tur_dun04, tur_dun05, tur_dun06, treasure01, treasure02

Geffen: geffen, gef_dun00, gef_dun01, gef_dun02, gef_dun03, gef_fild00, gef_fild01, gef_fild02, gef_fild03, gef_fild04, gef_fild05, gef_fild06, gef_fild07, gef_fild08, gef_fild09, gef_fild10, gef_fild11, gef_fild12, gef_fild13, gef_fild14, gef_tower

Morroc: morroc, moc_castle, moc_fild01, moc_fild02, moc_fild03, moc_fild04, moc_fild05, moc_fild06, moc_fild07, moc_fild08, moc_fild09, moc_fild10, moc_fild11, moc_fild12, moc_fild13, moc_fild14, moc_fild15, moc_fild16, moc_fild17, moc_fild18, moc_fild19, moc_pryd01, moc_pryd02, moc_pryd03, moc_pryd04, moc_pryd05, moc_pryd06, moc_prydb1, moc_ruins

Aldebaran: alde_dun01, alde_dun02, alde_dun03, alde_dun04, aldeba_in, aldebaran, mjo_dun01, mjo_dun02, mjo_dun03, mjolnir_01, mjolnir_02, mjolnir_03, mjolnir_04, mjolnir_05, mjolnir_06, mjolnir_07, mjolnir_08, mjolnir_09, mjolnir_10, mjolnir_11, mjolnir_12

Comodo: comodo, beach_dun, beach_dun2, beach_dun3, cmd_fild01, cmd_fild02, cmd_fild03, cmd_fild04, cmd_fild05, cmd_fild06, cmd_fild07, cmd_fild08, md_fild09, cmd_in01, cmd_in02

Umbala: umbala, um_dun01, um_dun02, um_fild01, um_fild02, um_fild03, um_fild04

Niflheim: niflheim, nif_fild01, nif_fild02, nif_in, yggdrasil01

Yuno: yuno, yuno_fild01, yuno_fild02, yuno_fild03, yuno_fild04, juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_area1, jupe_area2, jupe_core, jupe_ele, jupe_ele_r, jupe_gate

Ein: einbech, einbroch, ein_dun01, ein_dun02, ein_fild01, ein_fild02, ein_fild03, ein_fild04, ein_fild05, ein_fild06, ein_fild07, ein_fild08, ein_fild09, ein_fild10

Lighthalzen: lighthalzen, lhz_que01, lhz_dun01, lhz_dun02, lhz_dun03, lhz_cube, lhz_fild01, lhz_fild02, lhz_fild03, lhz_dun04, lhz_dun04_1

Rachel: rachel, ra_in01, ra_fild01, ra_fild02, ra_fild03, ra_fild04, ra_fild05, ra_fild06, ra_fild07, ra_fild08, ra_fild09, ra_fild10, ra_fild11, ra_fild12, a_fild13, ra_san01, ra_san02, ra_san03, ra_san04, ra_san05, ra_temin, ra_temple, ra_temsky, que_rachel

Veins: veins, ve_fild01, ve_fild02, ve_fild03, ve_fild04, ve_fild05, ve_fild06, ve_fild07, nameless_i, nameless_n, nameless_in

Hugel: hugel, hu_fild01, hu_fild02, hu_fild03, hu_fild04, hu_fild05, hu_fild06,hu_fild07, odin_tem01, odin_tem02, odin_tem03

Conquest Points

For a guild to gain control of a region they must accumulate the most conquest points (CP). To obtain CP members of the guild must defeat monsters no less than 10 levels below their own base level. When a monster is greater than your base level your guild gains an amount of CP equal to the base level of the monster. When the monster is 5 or less levels below yours you gain half of the base level. When the monster is 10 or less lower than your base level you gain one quarter of the base level.

If you are level 200 and kill a monster that is level 210 your guild would gain 210 CP. If you kill a monster that is 200 your guild will gain 100 CP (half). If you kill a monster that is 195 your guild gains 48 CP.

Your individual points are not logged, only a total earned for your guild. You can see your guilds progress (if it is ranked) on the website. If your guild is not ranked you will just have to kill monsters until you are ranked. Being ranked does not guarantee victory, only the one in first place when the tally occurs will gain control of the territory. Those in 2nd and 3rd places get nothing.

Gaining Control

To gain control of a region you must be in first place at the tally time. Conquest tallies occur following the last Saturday War of Emperium. If you are in first place at that time you will gain control over the related territory. At tally time all values are reset and everyone starts at 0 CP.

Conquest Rewards

Aside from general prestige and bragging rights, gaining control of an area also allows you to configure that area to match your tastes. You can move NPC's around, change their sprites, and even add new NPC's. Everyone in your guild will also get increased experience gain in areas that your guild has laid claim to.

Future Plans

While currently not implemented, there are also plans to add benefits to owning areas in conquest. These features may change at any time, or be abandoned. They include:

  • Buffs - Get buffs automatically in areas your guild controls.
  • Add-on Benefits - Ability to purchase benefits such as reduced skill delay, etc.
  • Expansion - Ability to purchase quests to add to your town
  • Income - Get a portion of income from NPC's, such as warp costs and taxes leveraged from venders.
  • War of Emperium Modification - When you own a castle within a territory you also control you will get additional buffs to aide in the defense of your castles. When you own a territory but do not own a castle you will receive additional buffs to aide in the reclamation of the castle. While not an all out deciding factor, losing control of a territory to an enemy will give them a great advantage during WoE when it comes to control of castles.