Candy Cane Hat (Loki)

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Candy Cane Hat (Loki)
File:Candy Cane Hat.jpg
ID: 47021
Tradable: No
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: No
Slots: 0
Defence: 5
Equipped On: Upper Headgear
Equippable By: All Classes
Required Level: 20

Item Description

Whilst wearing this snazzy hat, it makes you feel like the pimp daddy of all candy!

  • Increases damage dealt with Wind, Water, and Holy attacks by 20%
  • Increases damage against Wind, Water, and Holy enemies by 50%
  • Restores some HP when killing an enemy

How To Obtain This Item


This item is not available on Eir.



This item is not available on Thor.


Script is currently unknown.