Blade Stop

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File:Blade Stop.png Blade Stop Skill Info
File:Blade Stop Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 10
Cast Time: Instant
Cast Delay: None
Duration: 10 + 10*SkillLV sec
Target: Self
Range: None
Element: None
Catalyst: 1 Spirit Sphere
Dodge (Lv5)

Skill Description

  • Requires 1 Spirit Sphere

This skill operates like the Knight's Auto Counter, but instead "catches" an attacker, freezing both Monk and target for a few moments.

Certain skills are available for you to attack with depending on Blade Stop skill level. Both Monk and attacker are stopped until the Monk uses a skill, the Monk dies, the attacker dies, or Blade Stop's duration expires.

Unlike Freeze/Stone status the attacker still has all Flee and DEF. Further, if the target is a Monk who also has the Blade Stop skill then both are free to use their skills (determined by their own Blade Stop skill level). This skill can not be used to counter enemy skills. Does not work against Boss monsters. Uses up 1 Spirit Sphere.

Skill range is 1 cell for barehanded and 2 cells for armed. Both characters are still able to use items and change equipment.

Skill LevelSkillsCatch TimeDuration
1None.5 seconds20 seconds
2Finger Offensive.7 seconds30 seconds
3Occult Impaction.9 seconds40 seconds
4Chain Combo1.1 seconds50 seconds
5Guillotine Fist1.3 seconds60 seconds

Other Notes

On all servers, this skill is unchanged and retains the original effect.



Obtained Via


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