Bangungot's Hospital

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Base Level: 100
Party: 2+ members
Quest Prerequisite(s): Nurse in Port Malaya
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None

1. To proceed speak with Nurse Meanne at the entrance to the 2nd Floor to book for an instance. You are given 1 Hour to complete this instance.

2. Upon entering the 2nd Floor, Bangungot will broadcast messages as you proceed. She will then summon Mangkukulams in each room.

  • Your goal here is to eliminate them to open the portal to Bangungot's Room.

3. Phase 1: Kill monsters tormenting patients

4. Phase 2A: Eliminate Bangungot (2~3 Minutes)

  • Fight against Bangungot, you must deal at least <x> damage or she will recover some HP at the end of the round.
  • Several Bangungot Manananggal may spawn along with Bangungot, the number that spawn increases according to <something>. Any that you do not kill will remain in the room in subsequent iterations of this phase.
  • Things to watch out for are LoV, and quicken/powerup when it gets low. Otherwise it is fairly easy.
  • If Bangungot dies, advance to Phase 3.

5. Phase 2B: Rescue one of the patients (2~3 Minutes)

  • You will be moved to another identical location on the map. The Bangungot you were fighting still exists and maintains its previous HP value.
  • Bangungot (invulnerable) will spawn at the center of the room and cast full heal. (dont waste time trying to kill it)
  • All players will be resurrected with 1 health and moved near the portal.
  • Several Bangungot's Mangkukulam and Tiyanak will spawn in one of the patients rooms, kill them all (quickly!).
  • When they have all died, you will return to Phase 2A.

6. Phase 3: The Pillar of Spirit (1 Minute)

  • This is where you are successful of defeating Bangungot in Phase 2A. But in order to eliminate it completely, you must defeat the Pillar of Spirit.
  • The Pillar of Spirit has a max HP of 250 with 1 damage taken (similar to plants and mushrooms).
  • If you fail to defeat it within a minute. Bangungot will be fully resurrected and return to phase 2A. (the remaining HP of the pillar of spirit will probably be saved for a future iteration of phase 3)

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