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This feature has been disabled to assess on-going lag issues. It may/may not return when it has been addressed.
For information on WoE, see War of Emperium
For information on WoE 2, see War of Emperium 2


This is a custom feature specific to Loki on RebirthRO. It uses the same functions as regular WoE, but with one limitation. As the name implies, this type of war is only for Baby class characters. All the same restrictions as normal WoE still apply. There are a few extra notes about this woe though:

  • Ecall is allowed, but any characters that are not Baby class will be automatically warped out of the area.
  • Premium items are allowed

To enter the area for Baby WoE, warp to Prontera (@go 0) and walk to the southwest part of the center of town. Speak to the Baby Castles NPC (Lcoated at 147, 163).


Day Time Castles Open
Sunday 15:00 - 17:00 Frigg

Rewards of having a castle

Treasure Chests

Every day at 12:00 AM at server time, the Treasure Boxes spawn in a room accessible only by the guild leader from a NPC in each castle. Items drop from these boxes, and drop rate-improving items may assist in obtaining rares. Steal does not function here. For a list of item dropped by each castle, please refer to Treasure Box Drops.