Azure Axe (3)

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Azure Axe (3)
ID: 23243
Tradable: Yes
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: Yes
Attack: 200
Slots: 3
Weapon Level: 3
Equipped On: Weapon
Equippable By: Novice, Swordsman and Merchant Classes
Required Level: 99

Item Description

This weapon is made of a brilliant blue material, it seems to glow brightly around difficult monsters.

  • Str + 10.
  • Luk + 3.
  • Damage to Boss Monster + 40%.

If you have 2k cedi you get:

If wearer has completed tier 4 of Notoriety they get the following effect:

  • Adds a small chance to inflict Coma upon attacking any race (except Players).

If you have 500 Fairy or Angel points you get:

  • Increased Damage against all Races (except Players) + 20%

This weapon does 50% less damage to the Emperium.

How To Obtain This Item


This item is not available on Eir.



This item is not available on Thor.