2018 St Patrick's Day Event

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An unlucky leprechaun(found on prt_fild06) was mugged on St Patrick's Day and needs your assistance. But he can only stick around until the 24th of March. Saint Poporings have run off with his coins and can be found in the following fields: prt_fild05, prt_fild06, prt_fild08, pay_fild01, pay_fild08, pay_fild07, gef_fild00, gef_fild07, and gef_fild04. Kill them to get a chance to reclaim the coins!

The coins can be traded into the unlucky leprechaun in Prontera Field 06 (40 at a time) for a headgear given at random.


Saint Poporings look like: Honeycam 2017-12-14 21-18-05.gif