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In honor of fun, happiness and luck we here at RebirthRO were hosting the second MEGAEVENTAPALOOZA that will begin on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 after maintenance through an undetermined time! It works like a raffle and there are a couple ways to get your ticket.

  • First, you can kill monsters. Any monster you kill has a chance to give you a ticket. You also do not even need autoloot on to obtain it, however you must be able to actually carry it.
  • Second, certain custom quests and mining will give tickets as a possible reward.
  • Third, for every 1,000 points you purchase through the website during this event you will receive 1 entry (but not an actual ticket).

After the end of the event you can exchange your tickets for 1 event point each (only works for tickets obtained in game).

  • Also, as a thank you, everyone who demonstrated their patience and confidence by purchasing points during the dead week of January 7-14th will receive 1 entry for every 500 points they purchased during that time.

Note : Entries from purchasing tickets will be awarded automatically. Those available in game will not be To get your ticket, all you had to do was kill monsters. Every monster in the game had a very slight chance to drop a MEGAEVENTAPALOOZA Raffle Ticket which made you eligible for the raffle at the end of the event.


One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive :

Two (2) First Place Prize Winners will receive :

  • MEGAEVENTAPALOOZA Card - A card effect of your choosing. (Special account bound item, considered non-donate. Must be the card effect as it exists on the server you select, not a modified version or a different slot choice, etc.)
    • Loki : Any MVP Card effect.
    • Eir or Tyr : Any Miniboss Card effect. (Eir or Tyr Grand/First Prize Winners will additionally receive a 2nd place prize)
  • Card art of your choice. (If you elect to use art created by someone else, you must obtain their permission first. If you wish to commission a work from an artist with a RebirthRO Art shop for your card, 1,000 premium point will be paid to them on your behalf upon completion. All art subject to an "appropriateness" check.)

Four (4) Second Place Prize Winners will receive :

Eight (8) Third Place Prize Winners will receive :

All Participants will receive :

  • Event points for trading in a ticket that you have to the NPC after the event. Each ticket is worth an undetermined number of event points, depending upon the total number of tickets gathered.