2011 Easter Event

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The Easter Bunny has been having some fun around RebirthRO, he's decided to hide eggs all around the world for you to find. All you have to do, is search around, if you find an Egg click on it, then go talk to the Easter Bunny by the Geffen Tower (middle of Geffen) in order to get your prize. The first Egg you find will always give you something special, but after that it may take a few Eggs to get any prizes.

The event runs from April 23rd, 2010 for at least a week, so start searching while you can!

How to Participate

  1. Search around RebirthRO's many fields/dungeons for the Easter Eggs. They look like Pecopeco Eggs
  2. When you found it, click on it. It will disappear for someone else to find on a different location
  3. Return to the Easter Bunny in Geffen to claim your prize
  4. Rinse and repeat until the event is over, or you feel like stopping.


Below is a list of possible rewards you can get from the Easter Egg: