2010 Helping Hand Event

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This was a mini-event for Raffle Tickets for the 2010 MEGAEVENTAPALOOZA! In order to participate, you just needed to think back...and write. Pick the person you felt has been most helpful to you as an individual player or the community as a whole and write about them. What did they do that others wouldn't have that really touched you? Once you've thought of the person you think is most deserving, write a short (approximately 100-500 words) essay or story to demonstrate why and posted it in the dedicated trhead. (Note : over was ok, but we didn't want your latest novella.) The deadline for this one was midnight server time on July 2nd.



  • First Place -- Rahul about ShinobiZeni
  • Second Place -- chaos phantomhive about Just Bored
  • Third Place -- D i v a about Raines