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This system is one where doing various tasks ingame reward you with items called Pancakes. These pancakes are converted into a point form, which can be used at various NPCs for different things.

How to obtain Pancakes

There are two types of pancakes which you can earn. One is the actual item form, Pancakes, which can be traded between players. The other is the point form, much like Event Points, or Premium Points, which you can't trade. To learn how to obtain the item, Pancakes, see the related wiki page. The point form can be earned from the following quests:

Pancake Uses

Pancakes NPC: (Located in Prontera at 148, 194)

  • At this NPC, you have two options. The first option is to use your pancakes to earn various items. The list of these items can be found below in the Rewards section. The other option allows you to trade in Rainbow Acid, Instant Novice Packets, or [Instant Baby Packet]]s to get some pancakes returned.

Pancake Connoisseur: (Located in Prontera at 168, 197)

  • In exchange for 1 Pancake, you can warp to commonly used farming maps, such as for Dryad, Mavka, Alligator, etc. You can also send a pm to "NPC:PW" for quick access, however it will also require a 2,000 zeny fee.

Pancake Exchange: (Located in Prontera at 168, 200)

  • This NPC will allow you to trade in 100 Pancakes for 1 Pancaline's Special Stack, which when used gives you 100 pancake points. This is a convenience to avoid having to click on all 100 pancakes.

Pancake Hat Exchange: (Located in Prontera at 168, 209)

  • If you ever obtain a duplicate hat from the Pancakes NPC, you can trade them into this NPC for a chance at a different reward. There are 3 outcomes that can happen when exchanging your hat with this NPC.
    • 1) You can fail. if you fail, the hat disappears and you get nothing in return
    • 2) You obtain 1 Old Card Album
    • 3) You obtain 1 Bloody Branch


The following rewards can be earned from the Pancakes NPC (Located in Prontera at 148, 194).