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This is an automated event only available on Eir. It occurs 3 times a day. Using server time, this is once between 12am - 8am, once between 8am - 4pm and once between 4pm - 12am. More information about this event can be found by speaking to Benson when the event occurs.

How to Join

  • Announcements will appear 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute before the round starts. During this time, you should make your way to Prontera and stand near Benson (Located around 155, 178).
  • After the round starts, you must guess the 5 digit long number. All 5 digits of the number will range from 0-9. So the number, for example, could be 38921. Every 15 seconds, Benson will tell you another clue. Clues are random, but it will refer to things like "The fourth number is odd", "The first number is less than the second number", etc.
  • If you guess the number correctly first, you will receive 1 Pancake and 1 Event Point. If you fail to get it correct before someone else does, you will need to wait until the next round to participate again.

Other Notes

  • This event is disabled during woe.