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What Is A Duel?

A duel is similar to PvP. It allows you to fight a single person, or group of people without having to go to a dedicated PvP map. The system can invite any number of people into it, to fight where ever the duel is started. Unlike PvP however, this does not have any kind of restrictions. Premium items can be used in it, if the map the players are on allows them. Limited cards such as the premium item "High Wizard Card" can also be used in this PvP system.

How Can I Duel Someone?

The person who initiates the duel opens one using the command "@duel". He/She then can type "@invite 'characterName'" to invite specific people into the duel. Alternatively, the person who initiates the duel can type "@duel 'playerName'" (without the quotes) to duel 1 player specifically. If this way is used, he/she will be unable to invite other players into the duel. You can also type "@duel 9" to open a duel with the max amount of people possible to accept the duel is 9. This number can be however big or small the duel starter wishes.

When the starting person invites another player into the duel, that player will get a message saying that they are invited. They can accept the duel by typing "@accept" or reject it using "@reject".

How Do I Leave A Duel?

When ever a player dies in the duel, they are automatically removed from the duel system and may then be invited again when they respawn. If a player wishes to leave without dieing, he/she may type "@leave" to leave the duel.